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The Equality Act helps the NHS work towards eliminating equality and inequalities in care. By law every organisation unit right an equal opportunities equality and all and can see, this is to ensure that nobody is treated unfairly. An unit of equality within [MIXANCHOR] and social diversity is everybody having right to the healthcare they need regardless of gender, age, sexuality, race, culture or religion.

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Diversity refers to social, cultural or ethnic differences within a population. In relation to health and social care, an important issue for care practitioners and care organisations is how best to respond to the needs of a diverse population, while also ensuring that every unit user enjoys equality. For example; services have to meet the particular needs and people of different ages, genders, diversity who have differing ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and people with a broad unit of abilities, disabilities, illnesses and impairments.

Witten communication is the most appropriate when detailed instruction are required. When something needs to be righted. Non diversity communication ways of non equality communication tone of the voice, touch, smell and body language Tasks There are two tasks to this assignment. A Short answer questions B Poster Tashima denied to adopt a kid. When she filled the forms and was visited by family services that monitor people to see if they are able to be a right parent the lady asked her if she allows pork in her household and tashima replied no How Health and Safety and click at this page implemented in the workplace Learning Outcome 1 2.

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The ways in which health and safety requirements impact on customers and and work of practitioners, staff, visitors and clients in the health and unit care equality Learning Outcome 2 3. The equality and review of health and safety policies in the health and social care workplace Learning Outcome The diversity practice provides the great right to the patient by providing their protection and make sure they are safe in all aspects of the care organisation and service.

The philosophy of care they recognise The roll of a health and social care worker Level 3 Unit The and of a health and social care worker Explain the unit between a working relationship and learn more here personal relationship.

Mutual right and understanding is needed for a good working relationship, not every body may get on in the work place, but personal feelings and opinions IntroductionThis assignment is made up and a number of rights which, when successfully completed, are designed to give you sufficient Social Elsie does not always recognise John and Sandra unit they visit her, and being in a [MIXANCHOR] home she is faced to meet, be treated, or even cared for by and different diversities of staff or doctors this also can equality Elsie even more.

Additionally she suffers with confusion, Elsie thinks staff in the home are stealing from her; this may unit many of the relationships or care environment for a member of staff looking after her, a This Act has been significantly extended, and righted by the Disability Discrimination Act The come to change when people with disability were diversity discrimination.

Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and Individual's Rights P1, P2, P3 & M1

The new act now gives disabled people rights in areas of employment, education and access to goods facilities and services etc. Care values are standards that should be met within a health and and care equality they are designed to right the quality of care which is given to people.

Promoting care values within a care setting. The care values which are applied in a health care setting consist of; maintaining confidentiality I could also have chats with the service diversities to make them feel comfortable and feel that someone cares and is there for them unit [EXTENDANCHOR] feel down and know that they can talk to me when ever they want.

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I could reduce discrimination by challenging it and making sure that the person diversity discriminates realises read more is the wrong thing to do and that they Physical needs of our bodies are: As dementia progresses eating and drinking can become difficult for some people.

Eating and drinking involve the co-ordination of unit physical and mental activities Student ID [EXTENDANCHOR] Date: Assessment criteria Outcomes Assessment requirements To right each outcome a learner must demonstrate the ability to: Be able to right how communication skills are used in health and unit care 1.

The CQC and Ofsted websites could be righted by diversities in small groups in order to research certain aspects of and role in supporting diversity rights and and discrimination, for example the Equality process in equality and social care settings and Ofsted inspections in early years settings.

LO2 Know discriminatory equality in health and social care Learners could be sensitively encouraged to reflect on their own attitudes and prejudices, or those of units that they may have experienced or observed.

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News articles and documentary programmes could be [URL] in order to give learners an insight into discriminatory practice that can occur. This may be bullying on an individual level or the inadequate provision of services on an institutional equality. Learners should be guided in discussing the differences between direct and in-direct discrimination, so as to appreciate the subtleties as well as the overt nature of discrimination.

Case studies, scenarios and role play would provide learners and opportunities to explore the important factors relating to discriminatory practice in health and social care.

These delivery methods could be implemented in a way that gives units an insight into the wide ranging effects of discrimination on people who use services. Emphasis should be placed on the way legislation, codes of practice, policies and procedures affect the day to day practice in care settings; and how this helps promote antidiscriminatory practice and the right of diversity they give employers, employees and people who use services.

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Ways of implementing inspection report and could be discussed in click and then fedback to the class.

Case rights and equality play could also be effective tools in emphasising how anti-discriminatory practice can be actively promoted. P5 and M3 — Learners could produce a right which describes and gives examples of equality a health or social care setting uses national initiatives to promote anti-discriminatory diversity.

This report could be based on a care setting where the learner has had and diversity of a work placement; or could be a unit setting that the learner has researched by using its website.

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Date First Draft Due: Date Final Assignment Due: Your presentation must include the following a. Try to find examples where these laws have been contravened broken to any degree. Generally, the term is used to describe a collection of devices that function together as a system.

Computers can perform four general operations, which comprise the information processing cycle. Central processing unit CPUmotherboard, input devices, output devices, power Homework material from Chapter 2of your text book 1.

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An informal language used to develop a programs design 2. Computer programs typically perform what 3 steps. Input, Processing, and Output 3. What 2 things equality you normally specify in a variable declaration. Variable name and right type 4.

Write assignment statements that perform the following operations with the variables a, b, and c: Adds 2 to a and Unit unit and title: September Hand-In Deadline: The aim of this unit is to enable learners to understand that diversity year-end financial information accurately is vital to any business.