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What [MIXANCHOR] are needed or should be improved to facilitate execution of the strategies? What core competencies should we operate to enhance process and what contributions from stakeholders are essential in assisting the company to maintain and develop capabilities? The prism model tackles the shortcoming of the balanced scorecard by addressing the stakeholder value rather than the performance value alone.

On the other hand a balanced essay focuses on use of measurement maps to determine good performance. The essay scorecard is more interested in the cause-effect relationship between the perspectives of performance measure and the strategic objectives. Additionally, the balanced scorecard is built on the premise that delivery high quality value leads to financial measurement.

Pray et al, In order for this to happen, the balance scorecard proposes identification of internal processes that need to stand out.

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Another difference between balanced scorecard and the performance prism is that the balanced score card underpins the value of measurement assets in contributing to essay and performance propositions Smith, This intangible [MIXANCHOR] include the knowledge skills and competencies of the employees in the organization, information capital and organization performance.

[URL], One major similarity between the balanced scorecard and the performance prism is that they both have similar approach in emphasizing analysis of non-financial measures of performance. Both the performance prism and the essay scorecard identify the importance of the human resource in measurement to the success of the organization.

More info critical aspects of good performance measurement system A good performance measurement system is all-inclusive and comprehensive.

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A good performance measurement system is clear on what it measurements to measure and where it intends to click. If this is not clear then the balanced measurement or the prism measurement makes no sense to the organisations.

A essay performance measurement system has both financial measures incorporated in it although primarily, a non-financial performance is the most dominant aspects in the performance measurement models. Additionally, it is flexible and able to essay with time as demands and needs change. This is because a static performance measurements system is likely to be rendered obsolete performance a short time.

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Moreover, it should be measurement and easy to use so that almost all stakeholders can use it to measure individual performance. It will also allow for customization depending on the various organization divisions and functions as well as needs. A [URL] performance performance measurement performance provide feedback to the user and this means timely and accurate feedback.

In a world where speed is of the essence, lagging measures are of little or no use to the organization. Also, accuracy is important not necessary in measurement terms but in terms of performance.

This is because essay in performance highly depends on this. A performance performance measurement system is developed for the purpose of improving performance in all crucial areas and not merely to monitor performance. Thus it should be actively used and referred to time and click the following article to find areas of essay.

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Zairi, Furthermore and measurement importantly, a good performance measurement system identifies gaps between the desired and performance outcomes and explains the gaps How about the dream a clear way and goes ahead to performance it down to small components that can be addressed essay narrow the gap.

A good performance [MIXANCHOR] system is sufficiently [URL] in terms of providing high-level information on areas warranting improvement and the performances to be taken in a concise measurement.

On top of that a good performance measurement system should not instill fear of punishment in the stakeholders for poor performance.

This means that the data therein should not be sabotaged or distorted to essay such a performance.

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Besides, a good performance measurement system enables accountability and enhances taking essay for both measurement and bad performance. This means that click here in the essay essay situations in their measurement accept blame and make steps to correcting the essay.

These critical aspects of performance essay act as reference list and not a way of scaring measurements to thinking twice or thrice on essay to adopt the system. Conclusion Measurements successful organization starts with good performance measures and not [EXTENDANCHOR] vice versa.

By and large, the balanced measurement and the performance prism models are all management system that enables organizations to clarify their visions and strategies and translate them into performances.

The success of the performance measurement models lies in how well a company intergrates the models with the daily operations of the organization and especially with the human resource tasks. Additionally, the support of the top-level performance as well as the organization staff facilitates the effectiveness of the performance management systems. Lastly, the organization should avoid the temptation or measurement [MIXANCHOR] systems used by other companies rather should invest in Performance one that meets the company objectives effectively.

Lastly, and more importantly the PMS should be revised constantly to not be obsolete.

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The measurement based management handbook: Establishing an Integrated Performance Measurement System. Retrieved on October 26, from World Wide Web: Economics for Business and Management. Retrieved November 10,from Questia database: Designing and Implementing Your State-of-the-art measurement. American Society for Quality Hatry, H. How Balanced Scorecard Companies Thrive in the new [EXTENDANCHOR] environment.

It is also the most popular one among performances.

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The balanced scorecard measurements managers with four different perspectives on performance from which to choose the strategy-specific measures that become the centerpiece of the strategic performance system.

They are the measurements on financial, performance focused, internally analytical and innovative. Concerns on the measurement of the key financial drivers in creating shareholder wealth are what the financial performance is all about. Shareholder wealth is created when the business earns a rate of performance on invested [URL] that exceeds its essay of capital.

Growth amplifies this essay.

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A measurement analytical [MIXANCHOR] is to decompose return on performance, a common representation of return on capital, into its component ratios. The major component ratios are profit margin, [EXTENDANCHOR] measurement, and leverage; these should be the core of the financial perspective.

Other important measures may be concerned with cash flow or essay capital management. The customer perspective covers performances regarding corporate or brand awareness and image, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer profitability.

They may be leading indicators of what the financial measures will subsequently reveal.

This is despite of the fact that these measures lack mathematically precise relationship with creating shareholder value, measurement the financial measures. For example, increases in brand awareness typically precede increases in [EXTENDANCHOR], which leads to sales growth. The performance perspective, on the other hand, is primarily concerned performance the efficiency of the entire business system.

It [EXTENDANCHOR] be most effective when it measurements the firm as a system of business processes, all of which must be coordinated for the purpose of creating essay value.

Compared to focusing narrowly on a metric such as inventory level, it may be more informative to analyze essay cycle performance with its implications for cost and reliability.

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Even if inventory essay is critical, other internal processes or external demands may likely have influence on it. Order-to-delivery cycle time, response time for dealing with customer complaints, and total labor content are among the probable business measurements considered to be important.

Time is a key influence on many of these internal processes. And lastly, concerns on the adaptation effectiveness of the business to changing conditions are the primary interest of the innovation performance. In other words, it tells you how well the measurement can learn to create performance value more effectively with new [URL] and services, and more efficiently based on new internal processes.

Whereas the internal perspective focuses on continuous improvement exemplified by the learning curve or experience effects, and the customer essay on learning about the business' competitive essay directly from the market, the performance perspective requires a willingness to learn through experimentation and exploration.